Get to Know Melissa Miller

My family moved to the Memphis area when I was four years old and I have been happy to call it home ever since. I attended the University of Memphis where I received a B.S. in Psychology and then enrolled in their Counseling program for graduate school. While I originally set out to be a counselor in some form or fashion, I was also drawn into the world of Behavior Analysis. The ABA program was just getting started at the U of M and I became the first student at the University of Memphis to be dually enrolled in both the Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis programs. After graduating I received my Board Certification and Licensure in Behavior Analysis as well as my National Certification in Counseling. I am currently working towards my Licensure in Counseling as well.

I have experience in many different clinical and home-based settings such as: A private practice where I led social skills groups with children ranging from 3 to 18 years old; A community mental health agency where I was able to learn the basics of play therapy, worked in a domestic violence prevention program with both victims and offenders, co-led parent support groups, and 1:1 counseling services; In-home private ABA services for children with Autism; Several local public and private schools where I provided support with classroom management, implemented behavior plans, peer mediation, social and self awareness among students, and responsible decision making.

Currently I am offering social therapy groups through Germantown Behavioral Solutions. Some of the group members might have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, ODD or something similar, while others might not have any formal diagnosis at all.

The format of these groups is based on techniques I have been trained in as well as techniques derived through Applied Behavior Analysis. I break down specific skills and teach them in small steps so they build upon each other and are easier to grasp. Some of these skills include, but are not limited to: starting and maintaining conversations, how to join a group, being flexible, sharing ideas, working together towards a common goal, learning perspective taking, nonverbal communication, using your social filter, and many more!

About the author:

Melissa Miller is Licensed Behavior Analyst and a Board Certified Counselor. She leads social skills groups for children of all ages and is the Behavior Analyst on staff at a local private school. When she’s not working, Melissa enjoys going to her kids’ sporting events, vacationing with her husband (and sometimes kids!), and loves hot yoga. Namaste.